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Welcome, Twitter Follower!

You reached this page by clicking on the link on my Twitter page. I post on Twitter through and also is my personal stream. It does not in any way represent the institutional position of my employers or clients.

Three suggestions if you're new to Twitter:

1. Make sure you include a link on your own Twitter page to a webpage with more information about you. Go to Settings and put in the link where it says "More Info URL". The link could be as simple as your public profile on Linkedin. The reason this is important is that people may want to know a little about you before they follow you.

2. Think of Twitter as microblogging. Don't use or at least don't overuse in the intimate way you may use Facebook (pictures of cats, your kids etc.).* At least the way I use social networking, Facebook is about your relatively close circle of friends who care about the more intimate and family things about you. Twitter is more public. You have to say something that will interesting and relevant to a broader audience than Facebook. You have to add value to the bigger world. One of the easiest ways of doing this is to provide links to articles, news, blog entries that you find interesting.

3. There's some more great tips about use of Twitter via the link on this person's Twitter page: kcarruthers.

Three technology suggestions:

1. Lots of people use a desktop-based application built on the cross-platform Adobe Air. These include Twirl (my favorite) or TweetDeck (seems more popular). Allows you to get your twitterstream and create tweets without going to a browser.

2. The "Hootlet" provided by Hootsuite is a tool that you put in your browser bar and click when you come across an article about which you want to tweet. It creates a tweet with the title and a shortened URL ... and BANG, your tweet is out in the world!

3. If you have a blog, systems like Twitterfeed automatically send out a tweet whenever you post a blog entry. The tweet will be the title of the post plus a shortened URL back to your blog entry.

Who I follow:

If you reference me in your own tweet, I'll probably follow you.

I randomly check who other people are following and may follow those people, but more likely I'm following people because they were referenced in other people's tweets.

I also randomly unfollow people if (a) they don't have much to say (b) what they do say trends to the banal, trite or inscrutably personal.

Even if you're my physical life friend, I won't follow you if you don't send out any tweets!

I look for people who are saying interesting things, particularly about these topics:

Bottom of the Pyramid
Tech-based entrepreneurship
Climate change
The Singularity
Human rights
Mobile tech
Product design
Venture capital

* An opposite perspective on use of social networking is this discussion of Twitter as a more intimate Facebook: LINK